VITUNES-UPDATE(1)         BSD General Commands Manual        VITUNES-UPDATE(1)

     vitunes-update -- update all files in the database

     vitunes -e update [-fs]

     The update e-command loads the existing vitunes(1) database and for each
     file listed, the file is checked to see if it has been removed or modi-
     fied since it was added to the database or last updated.  If the file has
     been removed, it will be removed from the database.  If the file has been
     modified, it's meta-information will be extracted again and the database
     will be updated.

     Note that if there are errors while checking any file, the error will be
     reported but such files, and their meta-information, will remain in the

     The options are as follows:

     -f          Force the update of meta-information of all files, even if
                 their modification times haven't changed.

     -s          When present, files that are skipped because they have not
                 been modified will also be reported to stdout(4).  Normally,
                 only files that are updated are reported.

     Anytime media files are removed/modified which are already in the
     vitunes(1) database, the update e-command should be used.

     Any files/URLs added to the database using the addurl e-command will not
     be checked/updated in any way, for obvious reasons.

     To scan all files in the vitunes(1) database for updates, simply use:

           $ vitunes -e update

     vitunes(1), vitunes-add(1)

     Ryan Flannery <>.

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