VITUNES-CHECK(1)          BSD General Commands Manual         VITUNES-CHECK(1)

     vitunes-check -- check files for meta-information

     vitunes -e check -d | -r | -s path [...]

     The check e-command will scan each file provided to see if any media
     meta-information is present in the file, how vitunes-add(1) will sanitize
     that meta-information (see below), or what information vitunes(1) cur-
     rently has in the database for the file.

     The options are as follows:

     -d          Load the vitunes(1) database and check to see if each file
                 exists within it.  If so, show the information contained in
                 the database.

     -r          Show the raw information extracted directly from each file.

     -s          Show the sanitized information after extracting it from each
                 file.  See the section SANITATION below for details on what
                 this is.

     If multiple files are provided, each will be checked in order.

     Some media files have non-printable characters in their meta-information
     for one reason or another (often, it's a faulty ripper/tagging applica-
     tion).  Sometimes these non-printable characters can be control sequences
     used by ncurses(3) and thus cause problems with the display of

     To prevent any such problems, vitunes-add(1) sanitizes such data by
     replacing any problematic characters with '?'.

     To show raw information from a file:

           $ vitunes -e check -r /path/to/file.mp3

     vitunes(1), vitunes-add(1), ncurses(3)

     Ryan Flannery <>.

BSD                            January 17, 2015                            BSD