VITUNES-ADD(1)            BSD General Commands Manual           VITUNES-ADD(1)

     vitunes-add -- add files to the database

     vitunes -e add path [...]

     The add e-command is used to add files to the vitunes database.  For
     every path provided as a parameter, vitunes will scan that file or direc-
     tory (recursively) searching for media files that contain any meta-infor-
     mation.  Any such files found are added to the database that was created
     after running the init e-command.

     If any files scanned are already in the database they will be re-scanned
     and any changes will be updated.  Files that are scanned are not moved,
     copied, or modified in any way.

     The information vitunes stores for each file includes:

           Filename              Track Number
           Artist Name           Year
           Album Name            Genre
           Song or Video title   Play Length in seconds

     The filename stored is the absolute pathname obtained from realpath(3)
     and serves as the key-field within the database.

     All meta-data is extracted using TagLib(3).

     If any file encountered has no meta-information, it is not added to the

     To add a single file to the database:

           $ vitunes -e add /path/to/music.mp3

     To search directories recursively and add all files contained:

           $ vitunes -e add ~/music /usr/local/share/music

     vitunes(1), vitunes-init(1), realpath(3), TagLib(3)

     More information about TagLib can be found on the TagLib website:

     vitunes only maintains information about the file and not the file
     itself.  It does not move/copy/modify the files in its database in any

     Ryan Flannery <>.

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