VITUNES-ADDURL(1)         BSD General Commands Manual        VITUNES-ADDURL(1)

     vitunes-addurl -- add a URL (or non-file playable item) to the database

     vitunes -e addurl URL | path

     To add non-standard files to the vitunes(1) database (things like URL's
     for Internet radio streams), one can use the addurl e-command.  It takes
     a single parameter: the URL or path to be added to the database.

     Since meta-information can't be extracted automatically for most URL's,
     it needs to be inputted manually.  Fields can be left blank, if wanted.

     Note that anything mplayer(1) or gstreamer(3) can play may be added.  To
     test if a URL is playable by mplayer(1), simply try the following, and if
     it plays, it may be added:
           $ mplayer URL

     Although regular files could also be added using this e-command, the add
     e-command is preferred, as it attempts to extract meta-information auto-

     Note that files added to the database using the addurl e-command are not
     checked for updates during an update e-command.

     The addurl e-command can also be used to change the meta-information of
     an existing URL within the database.

     An example of adding an Internet radio stream would look something like
     the following:

           $ vitunes -e addurl ""

           Artist: WVXU Online Radio<ENTER>
           Album: Cincinnati Public Radio<ENTER>
           Title: NPR<ENTER>
           Track: <ENTER>
           Year: <ENTER>
           Genre: Radio<ENTER>
           Length: INF<ENTER>

     vitunes(1), vitunes-init(1), vitunes-add(1)

     When the vitunes(1) database has to be re-built (because of say, an
     upgrade where the database format has changed or the database was
     deleted), re-adding URL's can be tedious.  To ease this, consider using a
     shell script like the file distributed with vitunes.

     Ryan Flannery <>.

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