Changelog: 2012-01-02: Version 2.3 Release

New Features:
   *  New command ':toggle <register> command-list', which
      allows the user to quickly toggle through a list of commands.  This
      is useful for switching through sort and display schemas that one
      may frequently use.
   *  New command-line option '-c command' to execute command
      in a currently running instance of vitunes.  The command specified
      can be either a run-time command or keybinding.  This makes it easy
      to control vitunes from other windows or applications.
      Thanks to @knk for this.
   *  New command ':playlist name' allowing one to load a named
      Thanks to @knk for this.
   *  Volume level can now be controlled via vitunes.  Default keybindings
      are '<' & '>' for volume up/down, respectively.
   *  New colorable item 'current-inactive', allowing you to specify the
      color of the current row in the window without focus.
   *  Playlists with unsaved changes now have a '+' preceeding their name
      in the Library window, more like regular vim.

   *  Linux build corrected.
   *  Allow running vitunes with no playlists.
   *  Memory leak patch.  Thanks to @altenmueller.
   *  Many small bugfixes and performance improvements.
   *  Much improved man page.