Changelog: 2010-01-20: 1.0.4 Release

   *  Updated flush e-command help output (vitunes -e help flush)
   *  Re-worked player handling.  Much cleaner.  Better error messages with
      buggy/misbehaving mplayer.  Moving towards goal of supporting other
      media players.
   *  Improved support for tag e-command.  Better error messages if TagLib
      has problems.
   *  When entering a command, all signals are now handled and the cursor is
      visible only in the command window.
   *  Fixed segfault with some bad sort-descriptions in ":sort ..."
   *  Seeking through playback now respects global input num (e.g. 3f will seek
      forward 3 * 10 = 30 seconds)
   *  'm' now hides fileinfo if it's currently showing
   *  Fixed bug when deleting new playlist that had not yet been saved
   *  Updated DEVELOPERS.txt

New Features:
   *  Command abbreviations are now supported (e.g. ":f" for ":filter").
   *  Can now search in the library window.
   *  Can now paste in the library window.  Pasted files go to the end (p) or
      beginning (P) of the currently selected playlist.
   *  Can now right-align columns in the display by preceding field names with
      a '-' in the :display command.
   *  Can use ":display show" to view the current display setup.
   *  Added -m switch to specify path to mplayer.
   *  The update e-command now suppresses the output of files skipped because
      they haven't been modified since last checked.  A -s switch can force
      reporting of these files to stdout.