Changelog: 2010-01-13: 1.0.3 Release
   *  Removed use of libid3tag, libvorbis, and libmp4v2.  Now using TagLib
      for all meta-info extraction (and changing)
   *  Added liscense (ISC, click here)
   *  Database version and format bumped to 1.1.0.  This means that any existing
      database will no longer work.  Sorry, but necessary and worth it... TagLib
      provides much better meta-info extraction.

   *  Fixed bug when hitting 'play' in an empty playlist
   *  Added documentation about 'set save-sorts' to man page
   *  Extraction of play-length is now almost always correct, thanks to TagLib
   *  FINALLY got around to re-implementing the "flush" e-command again, although
      as I write this, I realize I have not yet updated the "help flush" output.

New Features:
   *  New e-command "tag" can be used to add/modify the meta-info of raw-files.
      Click here for details.
   *  Changed the syntax/semantics of the "check" e-command.  More sane now.
      Click here for details.
   *  New keybinding 'm' can be used in the playlist window to show the filename and
      meta-information of the currently selected file.
   *  The play-length of each file is now shown in the playlist window with the
      format of "hh:mm:ss"
   *  The display, sort, and color commands can now all make use of the play-length
      field using the field name "length".
   *  The "addurl" e-command can now be used to change the meta-info of an
      existing URL in the database
      Click here for details.
   *  The "" script has been updated, with more documentation
      View it here
   *  More descriptive stats, now with a legend, when running "update" or "add"