Changelog: 2009-12-30: 1.0 Release

Big Changes:
   * Almost a complete re-write of vitunes.
   * Many ugly bugs with the display (like resizing) have been fixed.
   * Many more vi(1) keybindings supported.
   * Much more customizable with various commands below, all of which
     can be stored in a configuration file to be applied automatically when vitunes loads.
   * Fixed a particularly nasty bug caused when displaying files whose meta information
     contained curses control sequences.

Notable New Features:
   * Non-files (things like URL's) can now be added to the database using the
     "addurl" e-command.
     See vitunes -e help addurl for more information.

   * The color of each window and even columns in the playlist window can now be customized:
            :color errors=yellow,blue
            :color artist=cyan,black
      (click here for details)

   * The format of the playlist window can now be customized, including which fields are
     shown, in what order, and how wide each should be:
            :display artist.10,album.10,title.20
      (click here for details)

   * Searching using '/' and '?' are now actual vi(1)-like searches.  Filtering is done
      using the ":filter" command.
            :filter nine !nails
      (click here for details)

   * Playlists can now be sorted using the ":sort" command.
            :sort artist,-year,album,track
      (click here for details)

   * The library window can be hidden when it does not have focus using
            :set lhide=true
      (click here for details)

   * The library window can be dynamically resized using
            :set lwidth=10
      (click here for details)

   * Can reload the database and configuration file dynamically.
      (click here for details)

   * And a few more smaller through the list of keybindings and commands
      here for a complete list.

   * Also, there's now a configuration file that can contain any of the above commands
     to be automatically applied when vitunes loads.
     Click here for details.

   * The man page is now the primary source of documentation.